Why choose us?

Here at Surrey Divorce Solutions we are different.  Often when couples separate they have a choice as to which professional they will see.  Many people go to see a lawyer as a first port of call to find out where they stand and what should happen next.  Some people feel that they simply cannot make decisions about what happens next because they feel knocked for six by their partner’s decision that the relationship is at an end.  They may see a counsellor before embarking on any other next steps.  Others know that they want to resolve matters amicably and so their first step is to make contact with a mediator to help guide their discussions and keep them on track.  There is nothing wrong with any of these first steps.


Where Surrey Divorce Solutions is different is that using our packages enables you to access all of these services under the same umbrella.  You can access the services of counsellors, lawyers and mediators all as part of the same fixed fee package.  This means that you get access to the right help at the right time – no matter what service you might think you need to use first.  Sometimes people going through a separation know that they will need to access the help of different professionals but they’re worried that they can only afford to pay for one person’s services at any one time.  We offer all of our services under the umbrella of fixed fee packages so that you can always get the help you need at a clear and transparent price.  We believe it’s really important that separating couples are given the right tools to help them to manage their separation amicably, fairly and constructively and that’s what we do.  We give people the tools to empower them to have the separation they feel is right for them.


We are based around Dorking but serve the whole of Surrey and we believe we are a much needed service that will help couples to consciously uncouple in a dignified way without going to war.