Who We Are


Louisa is a non-practising Solicitor and Family Mediator. She practised as a family solicitor for 10 years before making the move to become a full time Accredited Family Mediator. She set up LKW Family Mediation in 2013 and mediates matters concerning money and children.


Julie is a Family Law Specialist with 20 years experience working as a solicitor in firms in Surrey. In June 2015 she set up her own business with the aim of providing affordable assistance. She is now a non- practising solicitor and a Professional McKenzie Friend.


Mary is a Chartered Financial Planner and chartered accountant. She will work with you to provide solutions for a split of the joint finances that is fair for both parties, and as much as is practical, allowing each party to achieve what they want. Her advice is practical, down to earth and jargon free.


Kate is an Accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor. She has experience of working in the charitable sector and now works in private practice. She offers a safe place for people to talk about their struggles and has experience of working with adults who are facing a wide range of difficulties, particularly those relating to separation and divorce.


Jane Busby is an Accredited Family Mediator helping divorcing couples reach tailor made agreements in relation to finances and/or their children. Jane works closely with parents to help them focus on the needs of their children and is experienced in seeing children in mediation. Jane is also a divorce coach providing support, guidance and coaching through divorce and beyond, so clients have a positive experience of their divorce journey.


A breakdown in a relationship can bring about feelings of loss, grief, anger and perhaps other more deep-rooted difficulties. Nicky seeks to support her clients as they explore these challenges in a safe, confidential setting and aims to help them negotiate the transition they are facing and begin to consider their future.


Rachael qualified as a Solicitor in 1995 and has specialised in Family Law ever since and therefore has in depth experience of dealing with family law issues. Rachael adopts a non- confrontational approach to resolving issues that arise from separation. Rachael is also an Accredited Family Mediator


Karin Walker is a Family Lawyer, Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer and Arbitrator (financial remedy and children proceedings). She runs the niche family law practice, KGW Family Law, based in Woking.


Lorraine is an experienced accredited counsellor with additional qualifications in stress management and solution focused therapy. A relationship breakdown is likely to bring about stress, anxiety, and anger. Counselling provides a place to express and process such emotions and look at steps to move forward in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. The aim is to help achieve improved emotional well-being and develop coping strategies helpful to you.

Dave Caswell

Dave is a BACP accredited counsellor with some 10+ years of experience of working both with charities and in private practice.  Relationships are fundamental to life and when they change they affect life in many ways.  Dave seeks to help clients fully identify these changes and work with them for the best outcome, while helping to explore the myriad of emotions that these changes can bring.

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