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Our members write regular blogs to give their expert advice and suggestions for dealing with issues that arise during a separation. Please look through the different headings and have a browse. More are added all the time so keep an eye on this page.

The costs of Divorce

There’s been a lot in the news recently about sky high fees paid by couples as part of particularly acrimonious court battles. As with all media reports about divorce they tend to relate to a minority of people – who are usually wealthy – rather than the majority of people who separate and divorce. But…

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Are you taking responsibility?

Responsibility is something that is often taught to children: from encouraging them to tidy up their toys and be responsible for their own things; or encouraging them not to hit someone who has said upsetting things; through to giving them pocket money or an allowance and encouraging them to save up for toys or clothes…

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What happens next when you’ve separated?

So you’ve either made the decision to separate from your partner, agreed this would be best by way of a mutual decision, or have been told by your partner that they feel the relationship is at an end. What the heck do you do next? A quick google search will throw up countless pieces of…

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A video about Surrey Divorce Solutions

This video by Louisa Whitney (the founder of LKW Family Mediation) talks about the setting up of our initiative Surrey Divorce Solutions. It explains why this service is so needed and what the main benefits of it are.

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Transition – Moving through relationship breakdown

Perhaps only when both parties have reached agreement on the details of the separation, have negotiated who gets what and agreed upon arrangements for any children, do you then begin to consider how your future may look. This can be thought of as the ‘transition’ stage. Transition can be viewed as having three distinct phases:…

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