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Our members write regular blogs to give their expert advice and suggestions for dealing with issues that arise during a separation. Please look through the different headings and have a browse. More are added all the time so keep an eye on this page.

How to protect your pension share from falls in the stock market

The previous blog “How is the value of my pension share calculated?” highlighted the process to be followed in calculating the amount of funds to be transferred on implementation of a pension share. If there is a significant fall in the stock market from the date of the original valuation to implementation date it’s very…

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How is the value of your pension share calculated?

During your divorce negotiations both you and your spouse will have obtained a valuation for each of your pensions. The date of this valuation must be within 12 months of the hearing date. Clients will often rely on this figure as the value of the pension that is to be shared. They apply the sharing…

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How to protect your pension share on divorce

  The process for agreeing a financial settlement on divorce can go on for many months. Financial information is made available at the beginning of the divorce process, but what happens when these values change?   This is particularly relevant for any stock market investment, which will cover pensions, Isa, unit trust, investment trust or…

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How mediation and psychology can work together for you

How mediation and psychology can work together to help you deliver the best outcomes for your children after a separation   Una Archer MBPsS is a child psychologist helping divorcing parents to soften the impact of their separation on their children. She works to help parents understand what they need to do so that their…

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Can you forgive and forget?

‘Forgive and forget’ Is there room for forgiveness in the breakdown of a relationship?   Forgiveness is an emotive subject. For some, just hearing the word or seeing it written down can elicit strong emotions, often negative, and for many the idea of ‘forgiving and forgetting’ seems a step too far.   A relationship breakdown…

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